Fred’s Goals

Advocate to the province to make certain that changes are made to guarantee the new proposed curriculum is accurate and forward thinking

Continue to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and staff

Work with the province to ensure they provide adequate funding per student to meet our ever increasing student population.

Promote Intergovernmental Relations and partnerships to achieve our current and future goals (needs) as the Rocky View School Division continues to grow. Continue to stress the importance of Public Education

To meet the needs of future growth we must budget and remain fiscally responsible

Create an experience for our students that promotes inclusivity and mental well being

Continued Infrastructure maintenance,
development and advocacy for the
following key items:

    • School Sites
    • Proper ventilation, cooling, and heating
      for the modular classrooms

We all know that Education is a provincial responsibility, making it very important that Airdrie’s “Voice” continues to be heard by the province. By working together we can make that happen.

fred-burley2Fred announcing his intent to run for Airdrie School Trustee in the fall 2021 election.