Health and Safety

When Rocky View School Division first decided not to mandate masks earlier in the summer, I was disappointed. Their reversal of that decision was the right one to make. Unfortunately, with the massive class sizes that we are dealing with, we need to be even more vigilant in enforcing all Covid-19 safety recommendations per AHS … More Health and Safety


After researching the new proposed K-6 curriculum I’m not a supporter. Based on opinion pieces that have been written by members of the Alberta academic community it appears there is a very high percentage that view the new curriculum negatively. Dr. Carla Peck, a University of Alberta education professor specializing in social studies was quoted … More Curriculum

My Community

We moved to Airdrie in 1994 because it was close to my job, we stayed because of the people. Airdrie has an amazing sense of community and it was one of the first things we noticed when we moved here 27 years ago. Since then Airdronians have shown their sense of community over and over … More My Community

The 4C’s: Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration:

Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration: I believe the foundations for leadership and good governance are Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration. Our character is what defines who we are as a person, this helps us to navigate through each day. Treating others with respect, having the integrity to make and stand by tough decisions are the … More The 4C’s: Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration: