The 4C’s: Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration:

Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration:

I believe the foundations for leadership and good governance are Character, Commitment, Competency, & Collaboration. Our character is what defines who we are as a person, this helps us to navigate through each day. Treating others with respect, having the integrity to make and stand by tough decisions are the cornerstones of leadership.

My passion for Airdrie is what inspired the work that I did every day on council, and my commitment to Airdrie is what I will use as School Trustee to inspire others. The goal is to strive for engagement and results that show commitment to our residents.

Competency for me is thinking critically and with sound judgement when making decisions. I will stress the importance of being innovative and creative with solutions, while remaining resilient and adaptive to change.

Through collaboration, listening to all sides, we can work together to grow Airdrie’s future. As your School Trustee I will be cooperative, flexible and community-focused, and will lead by example.

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